Monday, December 26, 2011

Winter Break 2011

This is one of the few times a year that I feel I can sit down and just breathe. Classes have been keeping me busy and at the upper level they are quite challenging. I am very grateful to have this chance to have a little "do-over" as far as my education goes. Sometimes in classes I catch myself thinking about the younger students and wonder how they could be so irresponsible, then I have to remind myself that I was far worse at their age. It seems like many people would benefit with some life experience before attempting advanced degrees. My first go-round I learned independence and developed my social life. I was always a late bloomer, and I missed so much in high school. At age 56, I am still a late bloomer and glad that I am finally able to achieve a quality level of learning. It is so fun to learn about yourself at this age - there is so much to discover and I really feel sorry for people that think their life is over due to an arbitrary number that they choose to identify themselves with.

I have started to work on my portfolio so I am attempting to attach a slide show, if I can figure out how to do it <grin>. Working on the portfolio made me realize that I am just scratching the surface of what I want to do in my classes. I definitely want to push myself more to take advantage of all that UW-Milwaukee has to offer. I am starting to work out ideas for next semester. I am taking a ceramics portfolio class as well as an advanced experiments in wood fire class. Woot!

I hope to document all the wonderful things I am experiencing in this blog so that someday I have a record to remember it by. If you want to follow, be my guest, if not, that is OK too.

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