Thursday, December 29, 2011

Quiet Time

I've spent the last few days trying to figure out how to embed a slide show of my artwork into this blog and I have finally decided to let go - sooner or later I will get something on this site. Most of the visiting family have left now, my brother returning to Minnesota, my sister has returned to work (we live together), and their kids and grand-kids returning home to different parts of the world. I am left with the blissful quiet of the dog snoring and the cats softly padding around my room. Although I still have a million things to do, I've decided to laze around the house in my PJ's until I am forced to go to the store and stock the frig.

I still haven't decided how many credits to take this Spring. I've signed up for 15, which is more than I took last semester. I know it my art studio classes will be demanding of my time, but I really want to get my last required class in Exceptional Education over with. I am thinking I will attend the first class (it looks like it is a large lecture class) and possibly meet with the professor in order to make a final decision. I have three weeks left before I go back and I hope to return well rested and ready to go.

So far, it looks like my grades were good this semester, but I am on pins and needles because I have not yet found out what I ended up with in Art Education. I never feel certain about grades unless my professors give an idea of where you stand throughout the semester. So far my GPA is 3.84, so I guess I shouldn't worry. Hopefully when everything is over and done with I will get a job that suits me well. I have no idea what to expect regarding the climate of teaching in Wisconsin, but I can always go elsewhere if I need to.A lot of my decisions in life have been based on blind faith and I am hoping the Universe doesn't fail me now...

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