Saturday, February 25, 2012

TASK workshop at SUPAR

I had my first day of teaching at high school and as a warm-up I decided to try a TASK workshop. These parties and workshops were designed by an awesome artist, Oliver Herring. It can be done with groups of ten or 600 participants. You supply various props and supplies, a list of tasks are written, and people perform these tasks. That's pretty simplified, but for more details you can see his blog here to learn more:

I made a point of telling the kids to be as creative as they could in completing the tasks. As I was giving the limited instructions, one student asked what they had to do. I said, "Basically, act like a fool." He replied, "That's easy, I do that all the time." It was a great ice breaker and I really got to the know the kids. Oliver Herring is conducting a TASK party at the National Association for Art Educators in New York this week.

Here are some pictures from my day.
R. sweeping with his "broom"

Q. draws task

The finished task...

D. hides from aliens

Taping a body outline

Teacher's mouth taped shut

Jumping rope

Q. is weatherman
and here is his "cameraman"

Cindy, teacher and Q. captured by T.

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